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Marian Nohales

I am fascinated by the circadian clock and how it functions to track time and coordinate physiology in plants. Specifically, my research focuses on understanding how the clock incorporates environmental information and how it intersects with different signaling pathways to orchestrate plant physiology and development. My goal is to ultimately leverage this information towards the improvement of crop yield and performance in the field.

- 2021 to present / Group Leader / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2020 to 2021 / Marie Curie Fellow / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2012 to 2019 / Postdoc at the Kay Lab / USC, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

- 2006 to 2011 / PhD candidate at the Flores/Darós Labs / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2004 to 2006 / MSc student at the Carrasco/Ferrando Lab / Universitat de València, Spain

- 1998 to 2004 / Biology Degree / Universitat de València, Spain

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