Macarena Mellado

I have always been interested in how plants work and evolve. My research is focused in elucidating the molecular mechanisms that mediate environmental regulation of plant development. In particular, I study how DELLA proteins are regulated in plant lineages which lack gibberellin, as Marchantia polymorpha.


- 2021 to present / PhD candidate / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain

- 2020 to 2021 / MSc in Research / University of Hertfordshire (UK)

- 2017 to 2019 / Research Assistant / Rothamsted Research (UK)

- 2013 to 2017 / Degree in Food Technology / University of Granada, Spain

Contact details

Tel: +34 963 878 607

Evolution of signaling networks

Virus-mediated transient expression techniques enable gene function studies in black grass

Mellado-Sánchez M, McDiarmid F, Cardoso V, Kanyuka K, MacGregor DR

Plant Physiol. (2020) 183, 455-459.

Selected References

Hormone signaling and plasticity