A bHLH-based feedback loop that restricts vascular cell proliferation in plants

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Cristina Úrbez

Along all these years, I've been lucky to participate in many different projects. It has always been exciting to help understand better the behavior and development of plants.

- 2017 to present / Lab Manager / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2012 to 2016 / Research Assistant at the Carbonell Lab / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2004 to 2012 / Postdoc at the Carbonell Lab / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 1997 to 2004 / PhD candidate at the Carbonell Lab / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 1987 to 1992 / Pharmacy Degree / Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

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Hormone signaling and plasticity

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