COP1 destabilizes DELLA proteins in Arabidopsis

Blanco-Touriñán N, Legris M, Minguet EG, Costigliolo-Rojas C, Nohales MA, Iniesto E, García-León M, Pacín M, Heucken N, Blomeier T, Locascio A, Cerny M, Esteve-Bruna D, Díez-Díaz M, Brzbohaty B, Frerigmann H, Zurbriggen MD, Kay SA, Rubio V, Blázquez MA, Casal JJ, Alabadí D.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2020) 117(24):13792-13799.

Rewiring of auxin signaling under persistent shade.

Pucciariello O, Legris M, Costigliolo-Rojas C, Iglesias MJ, Hernando CE, Dezar C, Vazquez M, Yanovsky MJ, Finlayson SA, Prat S, Casal JJ.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2018) 115:5612-5617.

Cecilia Costigliolo

I am a plant geneticist and biologist, I have always been interested in how plants adapt to environmental changes and how plant hormones mediate this adaptation. I am currently investigating how information on the energy state of plants is transferred to growth pathways through DELLA proteins. In particular, we will test whether these proteins are stabilized and destabilized by the signaling module SnRK1-TOR, key to interpreting the energy state of the plant.

- 2022 to present / Postdoc Fellow Juan de la Cierva / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2019 to 2012 / Postdoc at the Casal Lab / Fundación Instituto Leloir, CABA, Argentina.

- 2014 to 2019 / PhD candidate at the Casal Lab / Fundación Instituto Leloir, CABA, Argentina.

- 2006 to 2013 / BSc in Genetics / Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina.

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Hormone signaling and plasticity