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Bruno Catarino

I am a plant biologist with a particular interest in the evolution of regulatory mechanisms that allowed the successful radiation of plants on the terrestrial realm. I use diverse taxa, including chlorophytes, charophytes, bryophytes and angiosperms, to investigate how plants adapted and colonised the arid terrestrial surface from a single aquatic ancestor

- 2020 to present / Postdoc Fellow / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain.

- 2017 to 2019 / Research Assistant at Nelson Saibo's Lab / ITQB, Lisboa, Portugal.

- 2012 to 2017 / PhD candidate at Liam Dolan's Lab / University of Oxford, UK.

- 2010 to 2012 / MSc in Cell Biology / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.

- 2005 to 2010 / Cell Biology and Biotecnology Degree / Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.

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