Anna Solé

The main area of my study is vascular evolution. My goal is to understand the key elements that influenced the very first appeareance of vasculature, hundreds of million years ago, using as a model organism the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha.


- 2017 to present / PhD candidate / IBMCP, Valencia, Spain

- 2015 to 2017 / MSc in Plant Production Science (Plant Breeding) / University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

- 2009 to 2014 / Biology Degree  (Molecular and Systems Biology) / University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Contact details

Tel: +34 963 878 607


Vascular development

Evolution of signaling networks

Conservation of thermospermine synthase activity in vascular and non-vascular plants

Solé-Gil A, Hernández-García J, López-Gresa MP, Blázquez MA, Agustí J

Front. Plant Sci. (2019) 10, 663.

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