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The team

We are interested in environmental regulation of vasculature production, which is largely mediated by hormones and other plant growth regulators. Rather than the initial specification of vascular cell identities, our lab focuses on how different environmental factors coordinate vascular cell production with growth of the rest of the plant.

Several specific aspects of vascular development currently draw our attention, for which we use natural genetic variation and molecular genetic approaches:

    • What is the genetic circuit that promotes secondary growth (ie, in girth)? What is its relevance for adaptation to different climate conditions?

    • How do gibberellins promote cell division and differentiation during vascular development?

    • What is the role of thermospermine in vascular development?

    • What is the contribution of local auxin biosynthesis to vascular development?

Our recent contributions highlight the unexpected role of thermospermine in the translation of SACLs, a small set of transcriptional regulators which modulate cell division and cell death during xylem differentiation.





Our selected papers

Plant vascular development: mechanisms and environmental regulation

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