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This research line is focused on the mechanism that underlies the high degree of plasticity of plant development. The kind of questions that drive our research are:

   • How does the plant integrate all the environmental cues (light, temperature, etc) and endogenous signals (age, nutritional state, etc) to trigger the most appropriate developmental program in a given stage?

   • How do plants distinguish between signals and noise?

   • What is the adaptive value of the hormone signaling pathways that we know?

   • What is the relevance of local hormone production or cell-type specific signaling?

Our hypothesis is that plasticity is inherent to the very architecture of the signaling networks: the extended connectivity between hormone and environmental signaling pathways provides robustness and flexibility to plant development. Almost all our current work is devoted to the study of gibberellins, auxins and brassinosteroids in Arabidopsis, and we use a combination of molecular genetic, biochemical, and genomic approaches.

A recent milestone in our research line has been the elucidation of the mechanism by which DELLA proteins act as molecular 'hubs' in the signaling networks that control plant responses to the environment. We have found that DELLA levels are the result of environmental conditions (light, temperature) in addition to the daily oscilation imposed by the circadian clock. And DELLAs, in turn, relay environmental information to the cell by interacting physically with a large number of transcription factors, thereby coordinating multiple cell responses.

We have also uncoupled the effects of local auxin biosynthesis versus auxin transport on certain developmental processes. Local auxin production in the root meristem is required and sufficient to maintain the root meristem viable.







Our selected papers

COP1 destabilizes DELLA proteins in Arabidopsis

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Genome wide binding-site analysis reveals transcriptional co-activation of cytokinin-responsive genes by DELLA proteins.

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The transcriptional regulator BBX24 impairs DELLA activity to promote shade avoidance in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Molecular mechanism for the interaction between gibberellin and brassinosteroid signaling pathways in Arabidopsis

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Signaling for developmental plasticity

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> Hormones and differential growth

> Gibberellin / DELLA signaling

Auxin methylation is required for differential growth in Arabidopsis

Abbas M, Hernández-García J, Pollmann S, Samodelov SL, Kolb M, Friml J, Hammes UZ, Zurbriggen MD, Blázquez MA, Alabadí D

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Oxygen sensing coordinates photomorphogenesis to facilitate seedling survival

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