Vascular development

Evolution of signaling networks

Hormone signaling and plasticity

Hormone biotechnology

Gene expression regulation

Research Lines

The team

Hormones modulate almost every aspect of plant development. Thus, the knowledge we generate on hormone signaling pathways is potentially relevant to agronomical applications. Our lab is committed to exploring these connections, and we develop several projects with partner SMEs, such as Alcaliber and Dadelos Agrícola.

We also collaborate with other groups in Valencia to have access to Citrus, tomato and rice technology.


Our selected papers

Fruit-dependent epigenetic regulation of flowering in Citrus

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Identification of transgene-free CRISPR-edited plants of rice, tomato and Arabidopsis by monitoring DsRED fluorescence in dry seeds

Aliaga-Franco N, Zhang C, Presa S, Srivastava AK, Granell A, Alabadí D, Sadanandom A, Blázquez MA, Minguet EG

Front. Plant Sci (2019) 10, 1150.

Reduction of indole-3-acetic acid methyltransferase activity compensates for high-temperature male sterility in Arabidopsis

Abbas M, Hernández-García J, Blanco-Touriñán N, Aliaga N, Minguet EG, Alabadí D, Blázquez MA

Plant Biotechnol. J. (2018) 16, 272-279.

The TRANSPLANTA collection of Arabidopsis lines: a resource for functional analysis of transcription factors based on their conditional overexpression

Coego A, Brizuela E, Castillejo P, Ruiz S, Koncz C, del Pozo JC, Piñeiro M, Jarillo JA, Paz-Ares J, Leon J and TRANSPLANTA Consortium

Plant J. (2014) 77, 944-953.

Can plant biotechnology help in solving our food and energy shortage in the future?

Avni A, Blázquez MA

Curr. Op. Biotechnol. (2011) 22, 220-223.